Long Term Outcomes Tool

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The Long Term Outcomes Tool is an online survey for young people who have completed a program. It can also be customised for young people who may still be involved in the program as a peer supporter or peer educator. The tool explores long term changes in attitudes, employment/study, knowledge, support, mental health, problem solving, and optimism.

Further Details

The Long Term Outcomes Tool includes a series of questions and validated scales to explore the following 6 dimensions for young people who participated in a program 3-6 months previously:

  • Attitudes
  • Employment/study
  • Social support
  • Mental health
  • Problem solving
  • Optimism

The aim of the tool is to capture long-term changes that take place at a group level and to provide agencies with a measuring tool that can demonstrate that their program had a positive impact on the development and mental well-being of program participants.

The tool has been created using Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey is a website which allows users to create and edit surveys, collect and analyse results quickly and easily. It enables users to view their results as they are collected, and allows users to create graphs and charts to obtain overall group responses as well as individual answers. The software is easy to use even for those with little or no experience in evaluation. The software has a privacy policy which states that all the data collected remains absolutely confidential.

Survey participants are given access to the survey through the Survey Monkey website www.surveymonkey.com or can be sent a link to the survey via email or sms. The survey guides participants through the survey which includes a range of response types – comments, scales, multiple choice, tick boxes.

Suggested Uses of the Tool

The Long Term Outcomes Tool is intended to be completed by program participants 3-6 months after completing a program. Some questions are identical to those used in the Short Term Impacts Tool enabling a comparison of results.

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