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The Collaborator Feedback Tool is designed for programs which involve a number of collaborating agency partners to implement the program. The tool provides a brief method for collecting some standardised feedback from partner agencies.

Further Details

The Collaborator Feedback Tool is an online questionnaire which provides a method of collecting feedback from program facilitators employed by other agencies. The purpose of the tool is to monitor the extent to which collaborating agencies are satisfied with the services provided, to assess the level of commitment from collaborating partners and to identify any areas for service improvements. This information is important if programs relying on a number of collaborating partners are to remain sustainable.

The version included in this guide was tested in an after school program provided by a youth centre. Implementation of the program involved multiple collaborating agencies to supply program facilitators for particular sessions. The tool collects feedback in the following areas:

  • Program Aims
  • Level of satisfaction
  • Factors influencing level of continued involvement in program
  • Support needed to ensure continued involvement
  • Further ideas to attract agency involvement in program.

The survey can easily be modified to meet the requirements of specific programs.

The Collaborator Feedback Tool has been created using Survey Monkey which is a website that allows users to create and edit surveys, collect and analyse results quickly and easily. Survey Monkey enables users to view their results as they are collected and generates standard reports showing overall group responses as well as individual answers. Users can also create custom graphs and charts.

The software is easy to use even for those with little or no experience in evaluation. The software has a privacy policy which states that all the data collected remains absolutely confidential. Survey participants are given access to the survey through the Survey Monkey website or can be sent a link to the survey via email or sms. The survey guides participants through the survey which includes a range of response types – comments, scales, multiple choice, tick boxes.

Suggested Uses

The Collaborator Feedback Tool should be implemented periodically to monitor levels of satisfaction and continued involvement amongst collaborating agency partners.

The results of the Collaborator Feedback Tool could be discussed at a meeting involving all program collaborators. The meeting would give collaborator an opportunity to explain their comments and provide a forum for discussing issues and any service improvements needed.

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