Camp Participant Monitoring Tool

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The Camp Participant Monitoring Tool has been specifically designed for camp or retreat-based programs and has been tested within a peer support camp for young people. This tool collects data for each individual attending camp, enables consolidation of data at a group level and allows analysis of trends over several camps or retreats.

Further Details

The Camp Participant Monitoring Tool provides a structured method for staff and/or volunteers who attended camp to provide feedback on each of the camp participants. It helps ensure that the same types of information are collected for each participant. This allows analysis of trends at both a group and an individual level.

The tool covers the following areas:

  • Overall comments
  • Progress against goals
  • Learning/use of coping strategies
  • Peer support behaviour
  • Overall behaviour
  • Critical incidents
  • Participation in physical activities
  • Level of self care
  • Recommendations for future

The example tool included in this guide was tested in a therapeutic peer support camp for youth at risk of depression, suicide or self harm. The tool can be modified by other camp-based programs to include indicator areas of most relevance.

The tool is best used to structure a camp debrief discussion with staff and/or volunteers who attended the camp immediately following the camp or within 1 week of the camp. The camp coordinator completes the form for each camp participant and summarises the group’s feedback in the comment spaces.

Suggested Uses

The tool can be used to structure a camp debrief meeting for staff in which camp participants are discussed. The tool is particularly useful to monitor levels of change for individuals who may attend several camps and to record critical incidents and notes explaining levels of progress.

For therapeutic camps, in which counselors may not be present with their clients, the tool provides a method for camp staff and/or volunteers to communicate standardised feedback on a client to their counselor.

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