Weekly Monitoring Tool

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The Weekly Monitoring Tool is designed to monitor the progress and development of each participant. Areas include communication and problem solving skills, confidence, self esteem, peer support, healthy relationships, knowledge, self efficacy, positive thinking and positive self concept.

Further Details

The Weekly Monitoring Tool includes 7 indicators for positive development in young people. Participants are rated on a scale of 0-10 by the program facilitators where 0 means the behaviour is not observed and 10 means very frequent demonstration of the behaviour. A separate page should be completed for each participant. The numbers are plotted on the grid after each program session for each participant. A line can then be drawn through the plots to create a visual picture of each participant’s progress during the course of a program. In addition, there is a notes page in which notes can be made each week to explain any significant changes in behaviour or to note any actions required.

Suggested Uses

The Weekly Monitoring Tool is to be completed by the program facilitator on a weekly basis in order to monitor changes in participants’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. If more than one program facilitator is able to complete the tool, plots for a single individual can be compared and any inconsistencies in ratings can be discussed.

Taking the results of all participants, the tool may be used to give a sense of the changes occurring in the whole group as well as to monitor the rate of individual change over time. The tool is also intended to identify any actions for young people who have particular needs/issues.

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