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The peer group and program factors associated with a peer-based program can significantly contribute to how well the program is able to deliver its intended impacts and outcomes. The Program Monitoring Tool (Online Settings) can be used by service providers to quickly identify any actions needed to ensure their peer program maintains a positive and safe environment for all participants and staff/volunteers.

Further Details

For monitoring purposes, it is recommended that the Program Monitoring Tool (Online Settings) is completed at regular intervals during program implementation, e.g. monthly, at the end of each semester or at the end of a program session. The tool contains 18 indicator items divided into 4 areas: general factors (number of users, satisfaction, reach); peer group factors (peer support, youth engagement, positive peer influences, group rules/norms, positive conflict resolution, skills development, range of perspectives); program factors (staff capabilities, referrals, role modeling, stress levels); and external factors (help-seeking, access to support).

Complete the tool as follows:

  1. Rate each of the key indicators (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) where 1 indicates very low frequency (or not very often) and 5 indicates very high frequency (or all the time). Your rating could be based on your observations, service usage data or other data that may be available. If an item is not relevant for your program, leave the rating blank and write ‘Not applicable’ in Notes section.
  2. Decide if any Action is needed (Y = yes, N = No)
  3. Complete Notes section e.g. recommended actions, why no action is recommended

Suggested Uses

The Program Monitoring Tool (Online Settings) can be used as a troubleshooting guide to identify program areas which may require action.

The Program Monitoring Tool (Online Settings) is also useful to monitor the effects of changes to program implementation and e.g. to monitor if service improvements have resulted in positive or negative changes.

The Program Monitoring Tool (Online Settings) may also be useful to monitor the quality of program implementation since it includes items in each of the major components considered important for implementing high quality peer-based programs for young people.

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